Normal science, the activity in which most scientists inevitably spend almost all their time, is predicated on the assumption that the scientific community knows what the world is like.

Knowledge is neither certain nor final. It is socially constructed. The evolution of knowledge does not proceed from lesser to greater truth. It is relative.

The Center for Multicultural Science was created to challenge the “status quo,” and help the marketing industry uncover new approaches to better accommodate a changing landscape.


The Center for Multicultural Science is the first non-profit 501c(3), non-partisan think tank in the United States dedicated to bridge the gap between leading corporations and academic researchers in multicultural marketing.

The mission of the Center for Multicultural Science is to provide world-class thought leadership in multicultural marketing with the goals of leading and renewing industry thinking and practice. The Center for Multicultural Science conducts, supports and disseminates research on multicultural marketing in the US and abroad.

The Journal

The Center for Multicultural Science formed a partnership in 2014 with UK-based Henry Stewart Publications to launch the Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy, the first peer-reviewed, professional journal dedicated to the advancement of best practices and proven marketing strategies in cultural, multicultural and cross-cultural marketing in the US and abroad.

The Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy is guided by its founding editor, Dr. Jake Beniflah, and an eminent editorial board consisting of leading cultural marketing experts, including: Gert Hofstede, Marieke De Mooij, David Acker, Philip Kotler, David W. Stewart, Gerardo Marin, and many others.

Founding members include:

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP); Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF); Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA); Black Media Matters Consortium; Bradley University; Burson-Marsteller; Clear (M&C Saatchi); d’Exposito & Partners; Entravision, Inc.; Facebook, Inc.; Garcia Research de México; Geometry Global (WPP); Hallmark, Inc.; Honda Motor Company; Identity (IPG); Lopez Negrete; Magna Global (IPG); McDonald’s; TNS (WPP).

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Research Studies

Our research approach is unbiased (free of any business or media model), conducted with the highest scientific standards, and driven by specific relevant research questions that impact the bottom line of corporations.

You will find our published work below:

Journal of Brand Strategy – Special Issue in Multicultural Marketing

Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy

You will find our future articles here.

Please contact us with an area of study which you would like to collaborate on.

Leadership Council

Welcome to our Cultural Marketing Leadership Council. We are committed to working with all organizations operating at the industry-level to help corporations drive ROI in targeting the multicultural consumer. This will allow us to break the silo.

Stay tuned for updates. We will be reaching out to corporations, media and research companies to join our Leadership Council in 2016.

Executive Director

Dr. Jake Beniflah is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Multicultural Science, the first non-partisan, non-profit think tank in the U.S. dedicated to bridge the gap between corporations and academic researchers in multicultural marketing. Over the last 25-years, Dr. Beniflah has held a number of senior-level positions in the advertising and marketing industries, working with leading corporations to drive ROI for Hispanic and mainstream consumers. Dr. Beniflah is the founding editor of the first bi-annual cultural marketing journal in the US, the Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy, and is a published author in a number of academic and professional journals. He graduated Golden Gate University with a Doctorate in Business Administration in 2010 and now lives in Manhattan Beach with his wife and two sons.

Why Join?


Reason #1

Unlike other organizations, we do not ask our members for any dues or fees. Our membership is free.


Reason #2

We ask our members to collaborate and share with us their research gaps and priorities. In turn, we facilitate the research process and solve the most pressing problems together. Only those companies interested in conducting specific studies will fund the research.


Reason #3

We believe that success is found in peer-to-peer relationships within and across industries. These relationships are invaluable, and will help drive knowledge and business effectiveness in the short and long term


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